Хогвартса Chernivtsi National University Ukraine Gauss

"If you think that "Hogwarts" does not exist, then you are mistaken. It exists, of course is not the same as in the Harry Potter films and magic was not taught. This unique architectural ensemble came into being through the efforts of Bishop Yevhen Hakman. In 1863 he obtained a permit from the tsisar for the construction of a new spacious residence worthy of the capital of Bukovina.  The design is by one of the best architects of its time Joseph HlavkaComposition of the ensemble is quite complicated, but it’s planning is celebrated . It consists of three monumental buildings: the main, the seminary (together with the Church of Three Saints) and presbytery. Currently, the University is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.”

La Niña, la Pinta y la Santa Maria.

(Source: memexico)


Marc SijanCornered Lady, AP, 2/20, 2011, polyester resin and oil paint, 29 x 15 x 28 inches, image posted with permission the artist.


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